Delivery is invoiced separately. Please inquire for a quote in advanced if needed. Delivery is invoiced separately. Please inquire for a quote in advanced if needed.

Travertine Bianco Beveled Plinth

Price marked individually based on size


SMALL – H24.5" x L9.5" x W9.5"

LARGE – H32.5”x L9.5" x W9.5"

Crafted from the sought-after Travertine Bianco, these pedestals showcase a whiter hue, faint veining, and all the authentic qualities of the stone. Its unique character is further enhanced by a quarter-inch beveled detailing – a classic sign of meticulous craftsmanship and expert finishing.

While they once boasted a polished finish, we've given these pedestals a modern twist with our renowned honed finish, breathing new life into these vintage pieces and making them shine in a subtler, more contemporary way.

But it's not just about looks. These pedestals are as versatile as they are beautiful. Whether you're looking to elevate a sculpture, a plant, or simply add an elegant touch to a room, they're up to the task. 


CONDITION — Great condition. No damages. Professionally restored, refinished & sealed to a honed finish. Refinishing includes the entire piece, not just the surface. All refinishing is completed in house to ensure top grade quality. 

NOTE — Travertine is a naturally porous stone. Our vintage pieces undergo an in-depth refinishing process to ensure we bring it back to the best condition possible. Although, this may mean they are not perfect due the authentic vintage age of 40-50 years. 


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