Delivery is invoiced separately. Please inquire for a quote in advanced if needed. Delivery is invoiced separately. Please inquire for a quote in advanced if needed.

Calacatta Viola Waterfall Coffee Table

DIMENSIONS — L48” x W24” x H12”

We are proud to present this coffee table as a one-of-a-kind in house custom design meticulously constructed to ensure that you possess a truly exclusive piece of furniture.

Derived from the Italian language, "Calacatta" is synonymous with opulence and sophistication, capturing the essence of the marble. Italian Calacatta Viola is renowned for its exclusivity and limited availability, making it a highly sought-after material among discerning connoisseurs. The unique combination of various quality cuts and mesmerizing colour variations gives each slab its distinct character.

While the polished finish is often associated with Calacatta Viola, we sought to transcend traditional expectations by accentuating the marble's innate beauty through a soft honed finish. The waterfall design further accentuates the statement veining, creating a visually stunning and weightless appearance that draws attention to the remarkable stone itself.

The cut of this Calacatta Viola marble exhibits prominent influences of deep purple, with enchanting burgundy hues that come alive under sunlight. Unlike some overwhelming veining found in other cuts, we selected this particular slab for its exquisite balance of negative space, where the cream undertones create a harmonious and elegant composition.


CONDITION — Custom made. No damages as it is brand new. Professionally finished & sealed to a honed finish. Finishing includes the entire piece, not just the surface. 

NOTE — To ensure structural stability, the table has 4 interior corner supports made from Calacatta Viola, mesh lining under the table top portion, and a custom cut narrow aluminum piece that is also hidden under the table top. This is crucial in order to place several items on the table with no issues.  

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