Delivery is invoiced separately. Please inquire for a quote in advanced if needed. Delivery is invoiced separately. Please inquire for a quote in advanced if needed.

Honed Carrara Marble Square Table


L28.5” x W28.5” x H16”

The charming little sister to the larger classic rectangular design. This table encapsulates the beauty and variety of natural stone formation. While it shares the soft honed finish with its larger counterpart, its veining is distinctively its own. On one side, it showcases a stunning vein of deep brown, intermingling with shades of taupe and cooler greys, creating a rich tapestry of earthy tones. Transition to the other side, and your eyes are drawn to an elongated dark vein that stands out against the pristine white, gracefully fading as it extends to the edge of the table.

Each layer, each variation in this stone is unparalleled, presenting a tableau of nature’s artistry. Admire its surface, and you'll find yourself lost in the stories it tells – tales of time, pressure, and the dance of minerals over millennia. 

CONDITION — Great condition. No cracks or chips. The top has small 2 faint marks, but smooth to the touch and does not affect the piece structurally (see photos 10 & 11).

This table is professionally restored, refinished & sealed to a honed finish. Refinishing includes the entire piece, not just the surface. All refinishing is completed in house to ensure top grade quality and consistency. 

NOTE — Carrara is a naturally porous soft stone. Our vintage pieces undergo an in-depth refinishing process to ensure we bring it back to the best condition possible. Although, this may mean they are not perfect due the authentic vintage age of 40-50 years. 


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