Delivery is invoiced separately. Please inquire for a quote in advanced if needed. Delivery is invoiced separately. Please inquire for a quote in advanced if needed.

S/2 Statuario Origami Coffee Table

Dimensions: L42” x W30” x H12” & H16”

Quarried in the North of Italy by Tuscany, Statuario marble is a rare and luxury variation in the white marble family. Unlike Carrara, it has pronounced wide veining that feathers into the white stone. We see these beautiful veins flow continuously across all sides of the table structure.

The origami set is oftentimes seen in a square configuration. Whereas, this set creates a rectangle when combined. The legs sit opposite from one another, making each triangle not only asymmetrical by height.

We decided to strip the old polished finish through a careful sanding process. Underneath the stone, there are some areas with marks. Without compromising the thickness of the stone, we made sure that the surface has no texture before adding a matte finish. Beyond the matte finish at a closer look, the stone naturally illuminates and sparkles with the natural calcium carbonate elements in marble.

Condition: Professionally restored, refinished & sealed to a honed finish. We patched 2 corners where it was previously chipped. The surface is smooth to the touch, but has marks that are underneath the stone and could not be sanded. See photos: 10-14

Note: Statuario is naturally a porous stone. Our vintage pieces undergo an in-depth refinishing process to ensure we bring it back to the best condition possible. Although, this may mean they are not perfect due the authentic vintage age of 40-50 years. 

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